Could this be the best DIY Tool ever made?

Seems like an amazing product. I came across an ad while watching a youtube video last week. Not sure how it works exactly but it attaches to your phone (Android only) and scans your wall. Wait, first off, if you are like me when trying to hang something on your wall and by doing so, it takes you 6 holes before you can find the strong point aka stud, then this tool sounds pretty cool to both you and me.

I have purchased those cheap beeping stud finders at Home Depot and they truly suck! Maybe because I am not a carpenter, but they just don’t work for me. When I saw this ad, and saw that I can place my phone on the wall and can see this x-ray of what is behind and find not only studs but also cables, piping, and even mice?  Awwwwww… Mice…

Anyways, I tried to purchase this device just now because it’s on sale at the moment and ran into issues while checking out. I used two separate cards both with plenty of credit in them and did not work. Could be that they are just getting an overwhelming amount of orders and the site is not keeping up. If so, good for you Walabot guys!

if you want to check this cool gadget out, click this link

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