President Trump had his own “Col Jessup” moment! (You want the truth?)

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President Trump had his very own “You want the truth?, You can’t handle the truth!” moment yesterday when he lost his cool and blasted out “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” referring to “these” people, as people from Haiti, El Salvador, and African countries.

If you have never watched the (great) 1992 movie A Few Good Men, with Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, and Demi Moore which has one of the most memorable scenes ever, where Tom Cruise’s character JAG Officer Daniel Kaffee cross-examines Col Nathan Jessup played by the great Jack Nicholson, pushes the brash Marine Commander to the point where he bursts out with anger ultimately regretting it deeply. Not going to spoil the movie for those who have not watched it, but for those who have, you know what I mean.

My childhood friend Javier Chavez’s dad while teaching me how to play poker, asked me to call my hand, and I said “I have nothing”. Since he was teaching me, he asked to see my cards, then he asked me “are you sure?” – I said “Yes!”– he would then scar me with this memorable line that I never forgot and have repeated a thousand times – “Pablito, always remember; the fish dies by the mouth”  he put down a pair of jacks and then asked me to drop my cards and showed me I was holding a flush the whole time.

The moral of these stories are, always think before you speak. We have heard this all of our lives probably as many times as – don’t play with matches. Lindon B. Johnson was known for using the “N” word behind closed doors, yet nobody ever quoted him publicly. We all say regrettable things when we don’t think before we say them,  or when we are drunk. It is the hardest when provoked such as Marine Commander Col Jessup did or when your wife is yelling out derogatory terms as you walk out the door. People will always try to “push your buttons” and it takes a special person to avoid those provoked moments and stay cool.

I am by no means defending the comment, or the man behind the comment, I am simply stating that when provoked enough, the real person inside comes out. We all know that one person who ultimately shows their real side when angry or drunk. Heck, you might be even married, relater or work for one. Who knows. Ultimately, there are more important things to talk about in the news such as our forgotten men and women in uniform still fighting overseas sacrificing their lives day in and day out. To you all, I salute you and wish you a safe return home to your loved ones, for to those who have served, I salute you and thank you, and for those who gave up their lives for this amazing country, I salute you, thank you deeply and may you rest in peace.

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