Real men cry and express feelings. Officer brought to tears recounting school shooting.

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On December 14, 2012, the day of the Newtown shooting, I came home and hugged my then eight-year-old daughter and cried till no end. I cried because the thought of losing her or something bad happening to her is unimaginable. We live 40 minutes from Newtown. I remember telling her “If this ever happens in your school – you hide, you stay quiet and Dada will come for you and rescue you – I promise.” I could hardly get those words out I was so emotional. Now at almost 14, after the Florida shooting happened, I reminded her of the same promise and will give my life to keep it.

There is nothing wrong with publicly showing tears, especially when it comes to your family and the fear of losing them. I watched this video and teared up because I understand why he is crying. He’s reliving a moment of terror that for any loving parent, would be exactly the same. That horrible moment of not knowing if they are ok or not and praying that all will be ok. How can you not? You have to be a cold monster not to feel this.

In this CNN video, Police Sgt. Jeff Heinrich recounts calling his wife and son, who were in the school on the day of the Florida school shooting, after helping to rescue victims. He too can hardly get his words out.

(Thoughts and prayers for all the families who have been affected by gun violence.)

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