Why I no longer hate Mondays

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I have finally come to realize, at 44 years of age, I no longer hate Mondays the way I used to. Growing up in the Bronx (NY), I remember Friday’s ending school yaba-daba-dooing my way home excited for the weekend. Excited to walk down Allerton Avenue, go to Boe Sung (best Chinese food ever) buy myself 4 chicken wings, shrimp fried rice (still my favorite) and have 3 quarters left to play Commando, the best arcade game of the 80’s.

As I got older, I wished for Friday to get here ASAP, the second Monday started. Monday was always a drag and constantly wishing for the week to be over to start the weekend. Let’s face it, weekends are awesome (for those who have weekends off).

I miss my childhood, my teens, my 20’s and my 30’s. I wish I had those Mondays back one last time, but I can’t. Those hated Mondays are gone forever never to come back. I think of my parents who sit home now wishing they could have one Monday back in their youths, but all that is left are eternal Fridays growing old. As you get old and life begins to slow down, you come to the realization that time goes by fast because we force it to. We hate weekdays and look only towards Fridays and Saturdays. We only want to live 2 days a week.

From now on, I will cherish every day as equal. I am going to focus and enjoy every moment because you never know when Monday, will be your last and only day to have.


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"We spend our lives dwelling on yesterday and wishing for tomorrow but forget the gift of today. Today is all we have." P.A.A.