As I put on my makeup, I wonder….

I wake up!

First thing I do is roll out of bed and sit at my vanity. Before I brush my teeth and before I eat. Honestly, before I can even see clearly, I’m in that chair looking at myself in my mirror brainstorming how I will alter my appearance for the day to look acceptable to society.

(I have worked in the medical field for the past seven years, and my motto has always been “I can’t go to work looking like the sick patients I check in.” )

I start by scanning through all of the features on my face, and I can’t help it; why aren’t my eyebrows as thick and dark as my brothers? And my lashes, given they’re long, why aren’t they naturally curly and full like my brothers? Why are dark circles under my eyes extra dark today?

My brother has never had dark circles. Jeez, I look so pale. One of my guy friends always looks naturally blushed! (sigh) Annoying.

Why is it that men don’t have to worry about any of this? That’s the million dollar question for me. Don’t get me wrong; I love my makeup. Love the feeling I get after I’ve successfully enhanced my features. I can switch it up and play with different looks each day. It’s my “pick-me-up”… But why in the world does a makeup routine feel more obligatory than optional? I wonder, are good genes sexist-partial only to help men look naturally attractive? I mean, I get it. We get our monthly dose of punctuation (see what I did there?) which does not help our case. And at the same time I think, everyone looks terrible at some point like when you have a bad cold, but, could it be that this is how it was meant to be from the beginning? Is this my destiny as a woman-constantly striving to reach the bar life has set for me? For us?

Times up! I check myself in the mirror once more. Looking good. Now, off to work.


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