Running (Act IV – The Book of Rachel)

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(Act IV) Running 


The jolt has woken me. I feel myself entirely. Is this real? Am I dead, in a comma? I need to hold onto something. Something that grounds me. I need to get out of this bed and find my clothes. Sarah mentioned she had them. I don’t see her. I need to stand up. I need to. I must get out of here and head home. It’s starting to come back to me. How can I have been so stupid? They knew I would end up here. They wanted me to come here and meet Sarah.  Ugh! – Everything hurts. Damn it! There they are. My clothes, my shoes, my money. It’s my lucky day.


The floor is not steady. Feels like it’s going to collapse at any moment. I have to make my way out. “Wait!, Where are you going? You’re badly hurt!”

— Sarah?  I thought you were a figment of my imagination. You were there one moment and then.. the floor… the walls… I just know… Aggghhh.. Nevermind… I must be on my way. I feel my memory coming back.

Who are you and why are you helping me? —- “I am just a nurse. It’s my job to help people get back to health. I have never seen you before. You seem stressed like you’re running from something. Whatever it is, it needs to wait; your wounds are not healed, you will die if you don’t recover properly” —-  Maybe I’m already dead. Maybe you’re part of this dreamlike everything else although I feel I met you before. I probably met you at another time or another life. You can’t understand and will not. I have to go. Thank you.


As I make my way outside of the old church, there are large holes everywhere. Gaps. Openings. I can see outside and see the red sky. Must be dusk. Sarah never did tell me the time. I feel dizzy. Maybe she was right. I should have waited. I don’t feel strong enough. Wait. Rachel. Yes, Rachel, I need to find her. She must be in trouble. Ouch! I can’t even think it hurts so much. It’s starting to come back to me now. I see the old cobblestones, an old town, explosions, people screaming, fleeing, my mother… my mother. She must be waiting for me at the top of the hill by the fence.. the fence, yes, the fence with the overgrown grass…

The hill is where I was captured. Maybe I was killed. I can’t be dead. I am still bleeding. Sarah said she found a torn old photo in my pocket. It’s still here. I don’t look myself in this photo. I can’t tell where it was taken, but someone was standing next to me and that someone is torn off. On the back of this photo, there’s an address. Seems like somewhere in Poland? This picture is old. How can it? Maybe it’s been under washed and beaten, so it has the old faded look. I remember so little. I must be in Europe. The last I saw Rachel I believe was the train. Yes, the train, it was going over the bridge. She must be on the other side.


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