The Beast (Act II – The Book of Rachel)

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(Act 2) The Beast


I open my eyes.


I am in the middle of people loading a passenger van. They seem to be heading to the airport. The sun is out. I look around and see the brown dirt hills on the horizon. It seems like midday. In front of me, I see the blue luggage. They belong to my father. He’s traveling. I feel my mother around. I hear her. I don’t see her. I see lots of people. They’re preparing for a trip. They don’t seem happy about it. They’re deep in thought. Nobody is talking.


We arrive at the airport. I can’t remember the ride or details. I am with my father. I hand him his bags. I help him walk towards the check area. He’s cold to me. He’s not mad. He seems worried. He hates to travel. In his nervousness, he leaves his bags by the bathroom and heads towards the ticket area. “Dad, you can’t leave your stuff around anymore. They will think it’s something fishy and take it away. You must take them with you” – He takes his luggage and moves forward. He does not say goodbye. Neither do I. He leaves.


I know my mother is at the airport, I still can’t see her. I know she is traveling too but on a different plane and going to a different place.


I make my way towards the exit but decide to sit down and take a break on a bench. A man is walking by with a wagon full of money. He seems to be collecting it. I look to my right, on the bench – there’s a stack of bills with a red band on them. I pick it up and notice they’re hundreds but in a foreign currency. I look at the man and see a police officer who also seems foreign. I show him the money and tell him I found it, we should return it, it must belong to the man with the wagon. The man with the wagon tells us he did not drop any money. The officer looks at me, takes half and hands the rest to me. He walks away.


I can’t believe this. I have all this money. I put it in my pocket and leave the airport. I need to get home and share my story.


I arrive home to find women in my yard planting. They’re raking the soil and laying down worms. Large earthworms. I try not to step on them. I see Rachel. She’s my neighbor. She is always planting and doing something fun and positive in her yard.


Rachel tells me there is something she needs to show me but we must be very quiet. We walk towards her house. As I cross over, I look to my left, and there he is. Laying down sleeping. He’s tremendous. It’s the largest ape I have ever seen. He’s a silverback and probably 30 feet. I see my friend Ben; I warn him to be quiet – the beast will wake up. He does not seem to care.


We make our way inside the house. The roof disappears, and so do the walls. It’s now an open lot with several cement boxes. At this point, Rachel warns us in a quiet but firm voice “the beast woke up, hide” – Rachel and Ben go into the cement boxes on the ground and so do I. As I lay down, a flat cover is pushed over me slightly with a small opening to breathe and see the sky.


I realize this is a grave. This open lot is an old cemetery. I know I am not dead. I can’t be. I stay focused.


I hear the beast. He’s walking towards us. We lay still. I see his shadow. I feel him. With every step, he makes the earth shake. I am not afraid. I feel at peace with all around me. My life. Myself. At this moment, I feel true happiness. All my worries are gone. All my fears disappear. The sun shines through the small opening of my flat cover. The beast walks away. He leaves. We’re safe.


I wait, slide the top over, sit up and peek outside. The coast is clear. I climb out of this box and begin to run trying not to step on the old flowers. I run down the street as fast as I can. I look back and see a huge cloud of smoke very far. The beast is causing havoc destroying all in his path, but the opposite way. I keep running. I get to the end of the road. As I try to catch my breath, I see the tall overgrown grass, an old falling down fence, and a small deserted town on a hill. I look with more detail and notice the old rusted gate bridge and suddenly remember I have a task, a project, something I need to do there.


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