The Crash

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I have had this recurring dream since I was in my teens. I have written about it before; it is usually a plane crash or boat crash, but it is always something that involves me trying to save someone.

My dreams are epic events that usually take place in real life scenarios full of color and life. I can feel, smell and almost always feel myself leaving my sleeping body and experience this second life or another universe. I firmly believe that our dreams are not based on events we think about or experience, but memories from a past life or one to come. We can’t for one minute believe that all this “just happened” can we? We are amazing creatures designed to evolve in every way. There is a universe above the stars we have just begun to learn about, a universe in our brains we know nothing about, and another microscopic galaxy inside our bodies that we will also never truly know.

Last night…

I’m on the subway, an NYC subway it seems. I’ve ridden these since I was 13 years old. I am standing up looking out the window admiring graffiti the way I used to back in my teens. We are all wearing costumes. It seems we’re going to some sort of costume party. The sun is setting. The weather is crisp. Then I notice her. She’s Asian, young, maybe in her 20’s. She looks down towards my pocket, I look down to see what she is staring at. She notices something clipped to my pocket, I remove it only to realize it’s a beeper, a pager, like the ones we had back in the 80’s and 90’s before cell phones became popular. I scrolled through the numbers and see lots of 11444s and so on. I’m wondering what this could be. I chuckle. “My beeper” I say to myself. The train suddenly turns into a bus, we’re all standing up, there are no seats, I look ahead, as the sun is setting, we’re starting to ride towards a large steel rusty bridge; it looks like the Brooklyn Bridge. I see a large city on the other side, it must be Manhattan.

There is something wrong, we start to ride to the top of the bridge, there is no road there, nothing but rusty tracks, like train tracks. I notice the driver, he’s making a mistake, the bus starts to wobble from side to side, people begin to chatter in almost a quiet panic, I look ahead and see a train coming towards us, directly towards us, it is going to hit us, I open the door with both hands and jump out.

I land on the right side – on the edge of the bridge. I watch the train as it crushes the bus and everyone in it. I am the only one that jumped. The train passes and all that is left is the bus cut in half. I see people hanging upside down, there must be survivors, I race over and see the Asian girl hanging upside down, she is not moving, I hug her and try to get her out, maybe she needs CPR, maybe she’s unconscious, I must get her and the rest out – she suddenly awakes and hands me a child, she too is Asian, it’s a little girl, maybe a year or so old, she’s awake. I hold her in my arms, she pushes me away – the way children do when you hug them and they just want Mommy. She wanted her Mommy. I looked, her Mom has passed.

I awake…


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