Love is actually an addictive drug. I’ll bet you I’m right!

I often admire (was going to write envy – envy is ugly) people who have great relationships – for the most part. Nobody is ever perfect, and nobody ever gets along with everyone although I have met some people in my 44 years of life, who are probably the closest you can get to perfection, at least in my eyes and reasoning.

What drives us to people at first is looks. Sad to say it but unfortunately, long gone are the days when we lived in caves, beat a possible partner over the head with a saber tooth tiger femur bone and make them your own only to function, stay alive and procreate when the mating urge hit. Today, we’re most attracted to each other by looks first and then the rest. Sex is overrated, and love is a term used loosely to describe human addiction. Love is an addiction, an invisible drug that comes and takes over your body and mind and sometimes soul. Most people do crazy things for “love” – such as jump off a roof, kill, spend every penny they own, leave their friends, families, and all in between. Love is ownership to most, a title in hand that subjectively reads “I own your ass and you will do as I say when I say” – sounds crazy? It’s not. Look around.

Have you ever looked into your past and wondered what the hell were you thinking when you thought you were madly in love with that certain person who is now secretly your facebook friend, gained 200lbs, has 14 kids (from different marriages) but yet, on that dark and cold rainy night, some 25 years ago, you begged God to please let them come back into your life; because they had broken up with you, and you cried and cried until there were no more tears left to shed. For weeks you curled up in bed, shaking, crying, not eating, vomiting, wishing that your life would end.

Sounds like people who go through detox right? Well, that’s what it is, detox from that invisible drug. Eventually, as the weeks went by, you got yourself back on your feet and began to function. You made it; you were on your way to recovery.

Today, fully sober from that person, you look back and ask “what the heck was I thinking?”  – Or, you eventually did marry that person you loved so much, built an amazing life together, paid off your mortgage, have great sex, share a retirement fund well in the millions, and all your kids earned full scholarships to ivy league schools.

I hate you!  LOL

About the Author:

"We spend our lives dwelling on yesterday and wishing for tomorrow but forget the gift of today. Today is all we have." P.A.A.